How to get a mortgage loan

1. To get a mortgage loan from a bank, a borrower must provide documents confirming his/her solvency - or a mortgage lenders will simply does not consider the application. Compared with consumer loans, mortgages have lower rates, because a bank gives a large enough amount of money for the long term. Nevertheless, be prepared to pay off such a loan during a 20-30 years of your life.

2. To get a mortgage, you need to contact a bank or credit organization, which is responsible for issuing loans for home purchase. At the very beginning, the borrower is interviewed by a loan specialist, who will ask to complete an application and submit a list of documents required for getting a loan.

3. Almost all the banks set similar requirements to the borrower, in particular, most of them do not give money to customers, who are of 65 years old at the time of full repayment. Some banks require life and property insurance.

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