Real Estate and Mortgage LLC provides a wide range of services connected with buying, selling, renting and exchanging property in Toronto. If you are interested in buying houses or apartments, don't hesitate to contact our agency. We guarantee a high level of service and competent legal support to all our clients. All amenities as well as new replacement drinking water filters are already installed in all the condos.

For you to be sure that your property is absolutey safe we provide security services provided by a private detective who will keep you informed about any possible intruders.

For buyers: For owners:
  1. Apartments in new condiminiums
  2. Suburb Real Estate
  3. Assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan
  4. Commercial Real Estate
  5. Building services
  1. Apartments in new condiminiums
  2. Suburb Real Estate
  3. Apartments exchange
  4. Real Estate assessment
  5. Commercial Real Estate
  6. Architecture and Design services

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